World Art Drop Day, September 3, 2019

Today is World Art Drop Day! What is that, you say? It’s a special day created for all kinds of artists to leave their artwork in the world for others to find. And who doesn’t LOVE to find a little artsy treasure to take home. Something that makes them SMILE and maybe gives them a little HOPE that everything will be OKAY. Thank you to Jake Parker for creating such a fun way to spread art and joy across the earth. 

I have occasionally participated in this event and have secretly left pieces of my art in random locations on the first Tuesday of September (that is the official World Art Drop Day). This year, I created a larger goal for myself … to leave some of my CoffeeART in a coffee shop in every state of these glorious United States of America! And in order to accomplish my goal, I needed HELP … and lots of it!

Like any good marketing campaign, I began by asking family and friends if they could help be a CoffeeART Elf, and was able to check many states off my list. Then I turned to social media and posted on Facebook and was AMAZED at how many friends offered to help me reach my goal. InstGram was my final request, and again I was IMPRESSED by how many followers (some of whom I don’t even know!) helped me find a friend of a friend of a friend to help in the last few states I needed.

Next I had to paint the CoffeeART to send out. That was the fun part really, and I tried to use scraps of leftover watercolor paper and coffee paint. My studio never smelled so good, and I painted 50 little CoffeeART sayings. Then I realized that I had more friends in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas than I previously thought would participate! In total, I painted 85 pieces of art to send out into the world. I even learned how to create a an CoffeeART Elves Group in my contacts and print mailing labels using that list! Always fun to learn something new.

What happens now? Well hopefully, all the CoffeeART gets “dropped” and found, and maybe a few people post on social media about the CoffeeART they left or found on World Art Drop Day! THANK YOU to everyone who helped me with this project, and watch your mail for a little gift of thanks from me to you … I couldn’t have done it without you!

Back to the Studio,


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