It’s been too long since I posted something to my art blog, but since we packed up and moved from Oklahoma to Texas last year, it’s been a whirlwind of boxes and sorting and getting lost and found in a new city and most importantly, finding a new hairstylist … I mean doctor ;o)

First, I want to thank my Art By Amy customers, both those I know personally and those who found my art and website and trusted me to create something special for them. I can honestly say that you SAVED me during the chaos of our move. How? Well, you forced me into my studio and into the creative space I desperately need to stay sane. My art often gets pushed to the back burner during busy times because it has always been a hobby. I suppose I don’t HONOR and VALUE my art enough, and I should. That is one of my goals this year!

And now that we have settled into our new home and city, I now have a little time to think, plan and create some new art. So here we go …

Summer is here … and so are the BUGS! When I unpacked my studio boxes, I came across the sketches I made after my parents passed away in 2006 and 2007. That was such a painful time for me and I found refuge and escape in drawing simple things. My mother loved dragonflies and the magical story of their rebirth from water to air, so I found myself drawing a lot of dragonflies. 

Fast forward to today and the unpacking of my studio boxes, where I came across those sketches and decided to spend some more time with them again. I absolutely LOVE the delicate lace of a dragonfly wing, the hard shiny shell of the bright red ladybug, and the strength and determination of the black ants. 

My studio was my refuge again as I reflected on the 10+ years since my parents died. Please allow me to digress is a little bit … but grief is such a weird emotion. I mean, you expect to feel it immediately following the death of your parents and I found myself actually missing grief on days when life sort of felt normal again. But it also likes to surprise you unexpectedly and usually in a public place when you catch a glimpse of someone who looks your dad or you smell the familiar perfume of your mom. And then suddenly, 10 years have passed and you can’t help but imagine all the special moments you might have shared with your parents and if you would be a completely different person today because of it. Who knows? I do believe it’s important to continue to honor their lives and their legacies, and for me that is very therapeutic and healing.

In late May, as I finished up several of my insect drawings, I saw an InstaGram post by HIVE artspace gallery in York, Pennsylvania for an upcoming show. They wanted all flying, fluttering, buzzing, stinging, crawling, pollinating artworks with a theme of “insects” for “The Great Big Bug Show” exhibit in June-July. What perfect timing for my bug art!

With the help of Mike and my siblings, we created titles for each drawing I was submitting to the show. Mike named the monarch butterfly hatching artwork, Hello Destiny; my brother Stef named the dragonfly wing artwork, Fierce & Lovely; my sister Menina named the grasshopper artwork, Mindful Meditation; and my sister Jennifer named the ants artwork, Be Stronger Together.

I am honored and grateful to be a part of the Great Big Bug Show that begins Friday, June 7th from 5-9pm, with exhibit dates running June 7- July 27, 2019. Please stop by the gallery if you are local and check them out online too! Gallery Hours: Friday & Saturday from 11-3, Sundays 12-4, First Fridays from 5-9, and otherwise by appointment.

HIVE artspace, 126 East King Street, York, Pennsylvania 17401 Phone: 917-971-7456


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