Last month I was contacted by the KU Alumni Association regarding 2 upcoming fundraisers : The Jayhawk Roundup and  The Rock Chalk Ball. I was asked if I might donate some artwork to help raise money for my alma mater, so of course is said YES!

My most recent artistic creations have been my “Reflections” series. It’s a simple concept really … a portrait painting of a beloved pet in sunglasses with a favorite scene in the reflection. I asked my contact at the Alumni Association if I could paint someone’s pet for them as the sample, and that’s when I was introduced to Bonnie and Clyde. I fell in love immediately! Bonnie was a beautiful red lab who recently passed away and was quite regal and elegant. Clyde is a yellow lab who has a relaxed and laid-back temperament. We decided that the sunglasses should reflect their personalities, so I painted Bonnie with some fancy gold leaf frames and Clyde with some surfer cool shades. One reflection could be the view of KU campus that prominently displays Frasier Hall and the Campanile (definitely one of my favorites) and the other could be a view of Potter Lake, a place where the dogs frequented.

I had so much FUN painting Bonnie and Clyde and hope that the recipient enjoys them! I look forward to the upcoming auction events and can’t wait to start painting another pet in sunglasses. If you are interested in having a custom pet portrait painted, click Custom Paintings to get the ball rolling.

Back to the Studio, A

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