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Plaza Pair CoffeeART (unframed)

This Plaza Pair CoffeeART painting captures a sweet mother-daughter moment. In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful statues on the Kansas City Plaza. It’s so simple and private. And it’s tucked away in a little nook. I love seeing it every year when I attend the Plaza Art Fair. I seem to notice something different about it every time. That is part of what makes all art so wonderful and engaging and subjective. Every viewer sees something different and feels something different with each art piece. I think we see and feel what we need at a given time, even if the feelings aren’t always good ones, they are real and need to be experienced.

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The Plaza Art Fair was started in 1932 as a promotion to draw shoppers to the area and to lift their spirits. … Encompassing nine city-blocks and welcoming a crowd of over 250,000, the fair has certainly evolved from the early years when it was held at small, various locations throughout the Plaza.

For more information about the original bronze and the sculptor, check out Dennis Smith.

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