Keep Going Coffee Painting


As an artist, the allure of coffee painting lies in its unique ability to blend the sensory richness of the morning ritual with the power of inspirational quotes. With each brushstroke, I balance between the bold, dark hues of coffee and the delicate intricacies of language. I try to capture the very essence of determination, resilience, and hope. (8×8 framed and ready to ship)

I love painting with the earthy tones of coffee. It is a celebration of the art of perseverance. The familiar aroma of coffee intertwines with the profound impact of inspirational words, producing art that encourages all to embrace the journey and keep moving forward.

The history of coffee painting is a fascinating journey that intertwines the worlds of art and everyday rituals. Dating back centuries, the origins of coffee painting can be traced to various cultures. While the specific timeline is elusive, it is known that artists in regions like the Middle East and Europe experimented with using coffee as a medium for their creations.

Coffee painting gained prominence during the 18th and 19th centuries when artists sought alternative mediums to express their creativity. The rich, earthy tones of coffee offered a unique and organic palette that diverged from traditional paints. The technique involves diluting coffee to varying degrees, creating a spectrum of colors from light sepia to deep, robust browns. Artists appreciated the versatility of coffee as it allowed for subtle shading and intricate details.

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