Crimson Love Notecards


Crimson Love Notecards are a great way to share the love this Valentine’s Day! And, during the month of February in celebration of Go Red for Women, you will receive 2 packs of notecards to use or share  ❤️🩷🤍🩷❤️

Original artwork painted with acrylics. Notecard package includes 6 notecards and 6 envelopes.

Did you know? 

Valentine’s Day has its origins in ancient Rome’s festival of Lupercalia, dedicated to the god of fertility. As Christianity spread, the holiday transformed into St. Valentine’s Day, named after one or more martyred saints named Valentine. Legends suggest St. Valentine defied Emperor Claudius II’s ban on marriage for soldiers, marrying them in secret. Another tale portrays him as a compassionate figure aiding persecuted Christians. By the Middle Ages, Valentine’s Day evolved into a celebration of courtly love in Europe. 

By the 18th century, Valentine’s Day had become more commercialized. The exchange of cards and gifts became common in England and America. The tradition of sending valentine cards gained popularity.  Handmade tokens of affection and love notes becoming cherished expressions of devotion. Today, Valentine’s Day is celebrated worldwide on February 14th, with people expressing their love and affection for one another through gifts, flowers, chocolates, and heartfelt sentiments. It’s a day to celebrate love in all its forms, from romantic partnerships to friendships and familial bonds, carrying on the tradition of spreading love and joy that has endured for centuries.


Go Red for Women – Heart Health Information

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