Finally …

After many many years of talking about creating a coffee painting kit to share with friends and family and maybe even try to market and sell, I finally got it done!  My first CoffeeART Painting Kit is now complete and I am excited to create more themed kits.

Thank you to my husband, Mike, who always supports my artistic endeavors as well as my 3 kids – I love you guys! My siblings and close friends have also been critical in the sharing of ideas and advice and they are always encouraging and supportive throughout my creative process. I’m sure I will continue to tweak and make changes to my painting kits, but right now, I will simply enjoy this accomplishment and get as many kits out to coffee loving customers!

Click the following red text to pre-order your African Animals Series Coffee Painting Kit with Venmo for $45 (this pays for the kit and shipping costs.) Be sure to include your email and shipping address to ensure proper delivery. Or, send me a message here with your order information or questions. I look forward to hearing from you!

Also, The Artery 201 in Tulsa, Oklahoma is showcasing some of my CoffeeART this month in their gallery. So if you find yourself downtown, be sure to stop by and check it out and say HI to Teresa for me ?

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