As the aroma of freshly brewed coffee fills the air, August brings with it the celebration of National Coffee Month, a time to honor the beloved beverage that energizes our mornings and fuels our creativity. So in the spirit of caffeinated giving, I would like to invite coffee lovers and art enthusiasts alike to partake in a free notecard giveaway that showcases my coffee painting and spreads joy to all.

How & Why I Paint with Coffee

Using coffee as my medium, my art goes beyond traditional painting techniques. I control the varying shades of coffee to create depth and texture and I love to paint animals, portraits, landscapes and architecture and also emphasize the beauty of sustainability and eco-friendly artistry. With every brushstroke, I transform spilled coffee, espresso shots, and coffee grounds into works of art – all crafted with the humble coffee bean.

The Joy of Giving: The Free Notecard Giveaway

To mark National Coffee Month, I am offering a notecard giveaway from my African animals series – featuring elephants, lions, and zebra coffee art paintings from my collection. All you have to do is email me at amycwhitaker@me.com to request your notecards – be sure to include your name and address and I’ll get them shipped out ;o)

Embracing Creativity and Personal Touch

The act of sending handwritten notes has become a rarity in the digital age. My notecard giveaway seeks to revive this cherished tradition, encouraging people to express their thoughts and emotions with a personal touch. Each notecard becomes a vessel of creativity and connection, capturing the essence of both the sender and the artist.

My coffee art has a way of sparking joy and spreading warmth wherever it goes. My intention is to share my passion for art and coffee with the world, inspiring others to embrace creativity and find joy in the simplest of gestures.

To see more of my original CoffeeART paintings for sale, click here.

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