Greetings from the Studio!

I recently created some special art for a special high school friend, Shari. I didn’t know Shari well in high school, but we have since reconnected on Facebook. Connecting with friends and family from my past is probably the only redeeming value of social media, so when Shari shared her medical story with friends on Facebook, I wanted to do something to help if I could. Shari is one of the kindest, most positive, and gentlest of people you will ever meet. She is very supportive and helpful and shares her life with friends and family and that just make you want to be a part of her story. Does that make sense?

Anyway, I decided I might be able to help support her and raise a little bit of money to offset some medical costs or maybe just provide a nice meal out for her family. I created an original painting for Shari and I am offering a set of notecards, stickers and a coloring page for $25, with all the proceeds going directly to Shari! ❤️ 

Just click the PayPal Donation button below to order your set or sets! And please note that there is a discount if you order 4 ? Think about sharing a set with family or friends – and be sure to post a photo of your coloring page on social media and tag me.

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