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The history of the Plaza is so interesting, I thought I should share it! (Excerpts from blog post Today I learned: The history behind the Country Club Plaza  on

Developer J.C. Nichols announced in 1912 that he planned to build a “Spanish marketplace magically transported to Kansas City,” many thought him foolish. They figured the site to be too remote (five miles south of Downtown) and too large for the nearby residential area. The project itself quickly earned the unfortunate nickname, “Nichols’ Folly.”

The Nichols family traveled to Europe in 1921, in part to study Spanish art and architecture. It was there he fell in love with Seville, Spain, a city located in the southern region of the country. Much of the look and the feel of Seville is influenced by the Moors, a group of people who ruled the area for nearly 800 years—and impressed their distinct design style throughout the city.

One of the major remnants of that legacy, The Giralda Tower, lives on in the Country Club Plaza, as it inspired the construction of a duplicate structure that stands in homage of the original in KC’s now-sister city. 

Original art is acrylic pen on Bristol vellum paper with watercolor background digitally applied. 3 designs / 6 cards & 6 envelopes, packaged in plastic sleeve.



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