Poppy the Hedgehog


Welcome to the party Poppy – Art by Amy coffee painting of poppy the hedgehog! I think hedgehogs are just adorable, and this little gal is serving up a tasty cappuccino – what’s not to love! Did you know that the ‘hedge’ part of their name comes from where they build their nests hedges, bushes and shrubs. The ‘hog’ part comes from the small snorting/ grunting sound they make which is similar to a pig/warthog. How cute is that? For more fun facts about hedgehogs, check out this link.

  • Original Artwork ~ 12 x 15  Framed Coffee Painting
  • Signed Artist Prints ~ 5×7, 8×10, 11×14 prints available
  • Note Cards ~ Pack of 6 Elephant Twist note cards and envelopes 
  • Coffee Mug ~ 3 images of Poppy the hedgehog with lime green handle and lime green interior

If interested in hiring me for a commission piece of artwork, click HERE



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