Be Stronger Together Ants


We already know that ants are hard workers, but new research shows that working together is the key to how they get so much done.The lesson for humans: Working together may be the key to making better decisions.That seems to be what ants do. To prove this, researchers looked at how individual ants and ants in groups chose their nest site. Ants were forced to choose a home in both a site with two nests and a site with eight nests. In each experiment, half of the sites were damaged and unsuitable.The researchers found that individual ants made worse decisions when choosing from eight options then they did when picking from two options. However, the group of ants was able to make better decisions regardless of the size of the site. Interesting, right? Original art is graphite on Bristol vellum paper. 6 cards & 6 envelopes, packaged in plastic sleeve.

Original artwork on display at the HIVE artspace gallery in York, Pennsylvania.



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