I truly believe that art should be affordable for everyone and so I set my prices accordingly. I hope you see something you like; something that speaks to your heart and soul; something that simply makes you happy. I will update this page with new artwork monthly, so be sure to come back and visit once in a while.

Other Places To Buy ART BY AMY Products | Red Bubble


As an artist, I want to spend every extra moment I can in the studio creating new art. That is my joy! But I also love to meet the requests of my customers, who might want to buy something that displays my art but is more functional, like a coffee mug or pillow. I mean, we only have so much wall space to hang art, right?

I researched online stores and ordered items from a few different vendors. Red Bubble was far and above the BEST quality choice for my art. They have a wide variety of quality items to choose from; they have a wonderful customer service department to resolve any issues or concerns; and I actually make a little bit of money from each sale.

Please click the link below and will magically take you to my Red Bubble store, Art By Amy, where you can look around and find something you want. You can always contact me directly if you have any other questions or ideas.

“No matter the canvas, Amy captures an emotional spirt that lifts your soul and is joyfully satisfying!”

Brad Lasota

“Amy knows how much my family is OBSESSED with everything Star Wars so naturally when she created her Star Wars series of coffee art, I absolutely needed it in my life. When it arrived in the mail, my incredibly nerdy husband proceeded to geek out and started talking about getting it framed for his office at work. Silly boy, I let him know that if wanted to stay married that it was staying in our Star Wars room at home (yes, this exists). Thanks Amy for sharing your incredible talent!”

Kim Wagner

“I've been fortunate to know Amy for several years and have had the opportunity to watch her business and artistic talent bloom and grow. As the proud owner of Amy's art I can tell you that her sketch of our son for his high school graduation is a family heirloom that will be treasured forever. Amy beautifully captured his handsome face and the mischief in his eyes. I have seen her work and In paint, pencil and coffee among other things, and she brings a genuine love and care of each subject to each project. Best of luck Amy on your continued success. I am thrilled to call you my friend and artistic mentor!”

MK Edwards

“Amy did a drawing of my grandson. She's an expert at capturing expression. I love the drawing even more than the photo. It's my absolute favorite piece of art hanging on my wall. Amy is a super talented artist. Beautiful work. Thank you.”

Shari Umsheid

“Amy took a photo of my one year old, Sophia, at a party. She then did a drawing from the photo that captured Sophia's expression exactly, including each strand of hair. It was remarkable!”

Wendy Brochetti

“Thank you for the lovely and well-done portrait! I have admired your portraits of Virginia Johnson and Father Jewitt, and never thought I’d live to see my own. But now I have, and can die happy! Thank you for all the hours you must have spent on this. I am truly humbled, but at the same time proud of this best portrait of me ever.”

Msgr. Gaalaas

“I want you to know that your portrait of my sister means the world to me. I love it so much.”


“Thank you for sharing your gift of drawing with me. Thank you for taking the time to “bring to life” a piece of my dad. I was unprepared for the rush of raw emotion when I “saw my dad.” Your drawing is so real. I wish I could have the rest of him here with me too.”


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