KU Football – Rock Chalk Helmet


As a graduate of The University of Kansas, I was really excited this year to see the football team excel. KU is well known for it’s deep basketball traditions and excellence, and this year the football team has worked really hard and inspired me in the studio to create an abstract still life of a football helmet. And yes, I was “Waving the Wheat” when I finished this painting!

❤️💙 Rock Chalk KU Football Rock Chalk Helmet ❤️💙 

  • Original Artwork ~ 20 x 20 Painted Acrylic Canvas
  • Signed Artist Prints ~ 5×7, 8×10, 11×14 prints available
  • Note Cards ~ Pack of 6 Rock Chalk Helmet note cards and envelopes 
  • Coffee Mug ~ Original art with red handle and red interior

If interested in hiring me for a commission piece of artwork, click HERE



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