Happy Sunflower


Everyone loves the sunny sunflower! These bright and cheery sunflowers are perfect for summer and will easily brighten up a room. Being from Kansas, I have always loved sunflowers and how young sunflowers move to face the sun all day. And they just love basking in the rays and can’t get enough of that vitamin D. I was inspired to paint this ultra closeup of a beautiful sunflower on a “sunny Kansas blue sky day.” 💚💛💚 

I remember my mom telling me that in Greek mythology, their was a nymph named Clytie who was in love with Apollo, the God of Sun. In the beginning, he loved her too, but then his head was turned toward another nymph. However, in a fit of jealous rage, Clytie told the other nymphs father, who then buried his daughter alive as punishment. Pretty brutal! Apollo was so angry that he then turned Clytie into a sunflower. But, as her love for him was so strong, she watched him move across the sky every day, just how sunflowers follow the sun.

For more fun facts about sunflowers, check out this link.

  • Original Artwork ~ 20 x 20 Painted Acrylic Canvas
  • Signed Artist Prints ~ 5×7, 8×10, 11×14 prints available
  • Note Cards ~ Pack of 6 Happy Sunflower note cards and envelopes 
  • Coffee Mug ~ Original art with lime green handle and lime green interior

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