Elephant Twist


Elephants are devoted mothers – family is everything to them. Most elephant calves spend their first 8-9 years no further than 10 meters from their mothers. Like our own children, elephants need more than good nutrition to develop into healthy adults, they need love, touch and a sense of safety.

Elephants are keystone species in an ecosystem. It is essential that communities and conservation organizations work together to create land-use plans that consider both the needs of humans and wildlife to reduce human wildlife conflict in the future. Without protection, elephants will be extinct in this century.  A world without elephants is unimaginable.

  • Original Artwork ~ 18 x 16  Framed Graphite Drawing
  • Signed Artist Prints ~ 5×7, 8×10, 11×14 prints available
  • Note Cards ~ Pack of 6 Elephant Twist note cards and envelopes 
  • Coffee Mug ~ Original art with “I Love You” text and red handle and red interior

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