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Chiefs Cupid White T-Shirt : How did you become a Chiefs fan?  For me, the Chiefs were my hometown team and when we moved back to Kansas from living overseas, I loved seeing how happy my mom was watching weekend games. Or did you have a favorite player?  Was it Lenny Dawson, Otis Taylor, Abner Haynes, Christian Okoye, Eric Berry or Derrick Thomas? What drew you into the Chiefs Kingdom?

Know what? It doesn’t matter. You’re here, and I dig that about you! As an artist I love to create and share my art. I decided to throw this art on some t shirts and see how it looked. And guess what? I liked it and I hope you do too! So be sure to order a couple of Chiefs Cupid White T-Shirts today.

Click here to order a Cupid Red Shirt, and here to order a Cupid Black Shirt, or here to order a Cupid Colors Shirt.


A little bit of Chiefs History

In 1959, a 26-year-old Texan, frustrated by his unsuccessful attempts to gain a pro football franchise in the National Football League, embarked on an alternate course that was to drastically change the face of pro football forever. The young man was Lamar Hunt, who founded the American Football League that season and served as the league’s first president when its eight new teams began play in 1960.

Hunt’s own team, the Dallas Texans, was located in his hometown where he would face direct competition from the NFL’s newest expansion team, the Dallas Cowboys. In spite of this opposition from the established NFL, the Texans quickly made their mark as one of the new league’s strongest teams. In their third season in 1962, they won the AFL championship with a 20-17 win over the Houston Oilers in a 77-minute, 54-second, two-overtime game, the longest pro football game ever played up to that time.

For more information about the Kansas City Chiefs, check out this link.

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